• Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Galaxy Grand: Comparison

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    Samsung Galaxy S3 was released by the Korean manufacturer in 2012 and was the most anticipated phone of the year following the footsteps of the Galaxy S2 phone. The smartphone has a big fan following because of the specifications put into it. The Galaxy S3 has a big screen providing its fans with a breezing viewing experience. There is a quad core processor that is highly powerful and efficient. The phone gets power supply from an excellent battery that has the capacity to last for long and also features top media management.

    Galaxy S3 vs Galaxy Grand

    On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Grand was released in the starting of this year, 2013. This handset is outfitted with a large display in order to meet your needs. It provides you with a guarantee in large font size making viewing more effective and also provides brilliant visuals. The slim design of Galaxy Grand ensures portability to those who want a phone with large screen but without compromising portability.


    Samsung Galaxy Grand is actually a handset that promises to bring you with the best of Galaxy S3 in comparatively affordable price range. The screen size for Galaxy S3 is 5 inches which is perfect for those users who are fan of large screen sizes but those with short hands will find it difficult to manage it with single hand. On the other hand, the screen size of Galaxy S3 is 4.8 inches which makes it more comfortable in comparison to Grand but still may feel uncomfortable to many users with small hand size. Although the screen size for Grand is large but users are required to compromise in resolution with 480 X 800 pixels resolution in their pockets while the screen resolution of S3 phone is 1280 X 720 pixels.

    Build Quality:

    Standing at 136.6 X 70.6 X 8.6 mm dimensional measurement, the Galaxy S3 phone is more sleek, thin and light in comparison to the Galaxy Grand handset which is resting at 143.5 X 76.9 X 9.6 mm measurement. The Galaxy S3 phone is lighter standing at 133g while a weight of 162 g makes the recently announced smartphone Galaxy Grand much heavier. Both these handsets feature multi-touch functionality which is great as many users can work on these screens simultaneously.

    Powerful Processor:

    Samsung has provided S3 phone with a more powerful dual core processor that is clocked at 1.4 GHz speeds while on the other hand Grand has 1.2 GHz processing speed. When S3 was launched to the markets it featured an android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich which now can be upgraded to 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system. On the other hand, Grand also runs on the android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system.

    Final Verdict:

    Both these handsets are great in their own way with amazing features provided by the manufacturer. Samsung galaxy S3 has already created a position or fan base for itself in the market while on the other hand, Galaxy Grand has just entered the market. As Galaxy Grand is somewhat similar to S3 but is provided at a more affordable range thus it is hoped to be more successful.

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